Extension Policy

The extension policy is a set of rules that must be followed prior to attempting to share an extension in official spaces such as the Extension page, the extensions-releases channel on our discord, or the show-off channel on our discord aswell (and anything else deemed as an official space at our discretion).

Going against this policy will mark your extension as “restricted” and cannot be shared in the spaces mentioned above. It is important to note however, that you are still free to publish this extension anywhere you’d like in your own curated spaces such as a personal store, social media, support platform, and more. Users who use restricted extensions in a project they made will not be subject to these terms if they want to share a video of their project in official spaces such as the show-off channel on our discord, however, they will not be able to release this project in official spaces as if it were restricted. This is to prevent circumvention.

Policy rules #

  • If your extension is paid in any way and the extension intends to complete a feature on our roadmap. The roadmap will also contain a list of actively maintained services (example: Twitch). These services are always adding new things, which we intend on adding in a timely manner when released/in beta. This means they likely won’t be on the roadmap right away if we don’t catch it.
    • For both things on, and off the roadmap that are a part of actively maintained services, there is a default deadline of (at least) 60 days in order to get it implemented into SAMMI internally. If listed on the roadmap with a set deadline, that overwrites the default 60 days. If we allow a unimplemented feature to pass the deadline, an extension that otherwise would be marked as restricted, would become unrestricted.

And that’s it!


  • Why even do this?
    • We understand the community’s desire to want things ahead of time and to provide awesome features before we can get them out, however, when we are actively developing this desired feature and someone decides to release an extension that will be coming for free in SAMMI, as a paid extension (while we only make money from those who give us charity) it really discourages the developers working on those features they’ve already been working on and we wanted to make sure our developers felt like they aren’t getting screwed over, and we also don’t want to set a prescedent that we aren’t doing things fast enough and users feel the need to pay a premium for planned integrated services.