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SAMMI Panel is where you load your decks containing buttons that you previously created in SAMMI Core. With how much customization SAMMI offers, you can create extremely complex great looking decks!

SAMMI Panel showing an example deck with buttons
SAMMI Panel showing an example deck with buttons

SAMMI Panel comes with both a desktop app for use on your PC, as well as a web browser version that can be accessed at http://sammipanel.solutions

Panel Setup #

The desktop version of SAMMI Panel can be found in the SAMMI/SAMMI Panel folder. You can also open it by pressing SAMMI Panel button in the main menu in SAMMI. If you do not have SAMMI Panel for any reason, navigate to SAMMI Core - Settings - Check for Updates and press Download. You can manually download it from our Itch page as well: https://sammisolutions.itch.io/sammi.

On first launch, you will be presented with an agreement page. This is a one time check, and once you have indicated you agree with SAMMI Panel’s EULA, the Panel will launch. Once launched, you will see the Panel connection settings.

The default IP address if you are using the Panel on the same PC as SAMMI Core is and the port is always 9470.

If you are accessing the SAMMI Panel via another device (either the desktop app or the web browser version), you will need to use the IP address of the PC that is running SAMMI Core.

You must fill out the password if you decided to use one in SAMMI-Settings menu.
Note that you only need to do this once, as your SAMMI Panel will remember the previous settings.

SAMMI Panel Connection Settings
SAMMI Panel Connection Settings

Select a deck to connect to from the dropdown, and click Connect’. Now you can interact with it by pressing its buttons!

Keep Awake

Tick this option for mobile devices to allow the device’s screen to remain turned on while the Panel is on display


Check this if you wish to load the Panel in fullscreen.