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This extension allows you to fully control your LIFX lights. It is superior to using IFTTT as there’s an extremely short delay and you can execute requests in rapid succession.
All you need is to get your LIFX token which is a very simple process that takes less than a minute.


  • List all my lights (Bridge only) - lists all your LIFX devices and their current state/manufacturer information
  • Get Light - gets a state of one single light
  • Toggle Power
  • Activate Scene
  • Set State
  • State Delta
  • Effects: Breathe, Flame, Morph, Move, Pulse
  • Effects Off
  • Clean Mode

The extension also has a fast mode where you can execute the command without initial state checks and wait for no results. You could potentially implement this with a Reenable If command to rapidly change your light effects.

Special thanks goes to:
SteveLevesque and Djargic for their continued support on Github.
The Argamenmock, EndoSkull, Evan, Panic, DoctorFu, kurocha, Stephen, Ethan, griddark, Kenny, Mill, William, Paul, deaffrasier, Venge, PapaBear Does Stuff, TTarantox, Rodrigo, Harvey Toadface, Alchemy_03, REVAMPEDDRDTH37 Williams, RhinoMonsterGC, JimmyPotato, Bryan, my amazing Patrons!
Ramsreef for helping me test the extension!

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DISCLAIMER: The extension is provided as is. The developer has no obligation to provide maintenance and support services or handle any bug reports.
Feel free to edit the extension for your own use. You may not distribute, sell or publish it without the author’s permission.

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Version 1.0 Requires SAMMI 1.4^ Stream Platform Any Updated February 26, 2021
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