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A Lioranboard 2 extension that allows advanced remote control of the foobar2000 music player using Beefweb Remote Control.

What can it do?

🎶 Player Features:

  • Set Playback State - Sets the playback state of the player (Play, Next, Previous, Stop, Pause, and Random)
  • Set Playback Mode - Sets the playback mode of the player ( Default, Repeat (Playlist), Repeat (Track), Random, Shuffle (Tracks), Shuffle (Albums), and Shuffle (Folders))
  • Set Song - Sets the song for the player
  • Get Current Song Info - Gets the current set/playing song info from the player
  • Get Song Artwork - Gets a song’s artwork as a direct link

📝 Playlist Features:

  • Get Playlists - Returns an array of objects containing data of playlists(s)
  • Get Playlist Songs - Returns an object with an array of objects containing an array of each song’s column data
  • Add Playlist - Adds a new playlist
  • Remove Playlist - Removes a playlist
  • Clear Playlist - Clears a playlist of it’s songs
  • Move Playlist - Moves a playlist from one position to another in the playlist list
  • Rename Playlist - Renames a playlist
  • Move songs to Playlist - Moves songs from one playlist, to another using a specified stringified array
  • Copy songs to Playlist - Copies songs from one playlist, to another using a specified stringified array
  • Remove Songs - Remove songs from a playlist
  • Copy Songs - Copy songs from a playlist into itself

Additional Information
Version 1.0.2 Requires SAMMI 2022.3.0 CE^ Stream Platform Any Updated July 07, 2022

How do i get started??

Visit the Wiki Page for an in-depth, easy to follow quick start guide!

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