SAMMI Core, Bridge and Deck #

When you download SAMMI, it comes with SAMMI Core, Bridge and SAMMI Deck for PC. You can download an Android Deck from Google Play Store.

SAMMI Core is only fully supported on Windows 10 and above, support for other platforms is coming!

You should be able to run it on Linux and MacOs using Wine, however we cannot guarantee its functionality and do not provide any technical support at this time. If you do use Wine, it will also need to be running Windows 10 ond above.

You can check our Discord’s Announcements channel for unreleased and beta versions.

Updating #

Updating directly in SAMMI is temporarily unavailable. You can download the SAMMI Updater.exe on our SAMMI Itch Page and run it to update instead. This serves as a temporary updater while we deal with a malicious DMCA strike against our in-app updating GitHub repo.

Dependencies #

OBS Studio
SAMMI Core is compatible with OBS Studio. Other streaming software, such as Streamlabs OBS, is not currently supported.

OBS Websocket
This is how SAMMI Core communicates with OBS Studio. OBS Websocket 5.0 has been released publicly very recently and SAMMI is compatible with this version. However, as it is a recent release, some extensions that formerly worked on OBS Websocket 4.9.1 will not work if you switch to OBS Websocket 5.0.

You can download OBS Websocket 5.0 along with the OBS Websocket 4.9-compat in order to preserve backwards compatibility. However, this means you will need to set up two instances of OBS in SAMMI, one using 5.0 and one using the 4.9-compat version.

For the time being, until you are sure your extensions have been fully updated to use OBS Websocket 5.0, we suggest staying on 4.9.1.

Extensions #

Extensions can be found in our Extensions section or #releases channel in our Discord server!