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Pokemon Twitch Purple

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This extension allows your viewers to:

  • Collect 898 pokemon from the first 8 regions on screen using channel points!
  • Battle Gym Leaders/Elite 4 from the first 8 regions and earn their badges!
  • Become the champion in each region and fight to maintain your title!
  • Types matter in battle, so make sure you pick the right team!
  • Discord connection built in, get lists of what pokemon you have sent to discord along with a customized trainer card showing your badges, your team, and how many pokemon you have!
  • Trade your pokemon with other viewers and fill out your collection!

Check out the YT video for a breakdown of commands and how to set it up.

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Version 2.1.8 Requires SAMMI 2.07.9^ Stream Platform twitch.tv/falinere Updated June 20, 2022
The developer has not provided any setup guide.
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