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Trivia Break by Phat32

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Play a game of Trivia with chat! Useful to help run a commercial break while making sure the viewers aren’t left out.

All questions and answers come from https://opentdb.com/

Usage Press “Run Trivia” to start the Trivia game. The Question, placement of answers and removal of answers are all randomly assigned at which point the “Show Trivia” button is run and the game begins.

The question will fade in with a delay to allow it to be read, the Answers will fade in afterwards with time to read as well. The timer will appear and start counting down, at this point if configured to run commercials they will run during this phase.

Halfway through the timer a random incorrect answer will automatically fade away. Then at the 3/4 mark another incorrect answer will fade away. When the timer runs out the last incorrect answer will fade away shortly followed by the timer.

The correct answer will remain for a brief period then run the “Hide Trivia” button.

To end the trivia instantly, display the correct answer and run the “Hide Trivia” button, press the “End Now” button.

Additional Information
Version 1.0 Requires SAMMI 2022.4.4^ Stream Platform Twitch, Any Updated October 23, 2022

Run “OBS Setup” to create the Scene with all the required sources and filters configured.

Open the Settings button to fine tune things to your liking.

Edit the “Show Trivia” and “Hide Trivia” buttons with the animations you want for your style

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