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Folder Reader

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❓ What is this?

Check out the video!

This extension allows SAMMI to easily retrieve files, and folders with optional filtering; from a specified directory! Gone are the days of renaming files, finicky command line, and arbitrary wait times!

✨ Features

  • A Single Command: Folder Reader: Read
  • File Extension Filtering
  • Saves files/folders into a specified array, for easy use!
  • Leverages SAMMI’s NEW Local API Server to cut out arbitrary wait times
  • Sort options for date, newest, oldest, and more

🌟 How do I get started?

Download the extension, then, head over to the setup tab, where you will be redirected to my website’s setup page for Folder Reader!

💚 Support

If you want me to continue making awesome SAMMI extensions for everyone, please consider donating to my Ko-Fi! Supporting me allows me to get more equipment to make extensions with, gives me some food on the table, and lets me know that my extensions are appreciated!

Made with Love, Landie

Additional Information
Version 2.0.1 Requires SAMMI 2023.1.0^ Stream Platform Any Updated January 31, 2023
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