SAMMI is a versatile Streaming Assistant designed to enhance interactivity between streamers and their Twitch and YouTube Live audiences.

SAMMI is fully compatible with OBS Websocket, allowing you to remotely control OBS Studio.

With SAMMI, you can create simple buttons for tasks like scene switching and custom alerts. As you become more proficient with the software, you’ll discover a wealth of advanced possibilities.

SAMMI Core functions like a programming language, offering variables, operators, arrays, objects, string and number methods, conditional statements, loops, async/await commands, and more.

Twitch Integration #

SAMMI Core integrates with Twitch, enabling you to listen to alerts and chat messages, send chat messages, manage channel point rewards, and control your Twitch stream via the Twitch API.

YouTube Live Integration #

SAMMI Core integrates with YouTube Live, allowing you to listen to live events and manage your live stream. Learn more in Integrations - YouTube.

OBS Studio Integration #

SAMMI Core connects directly to OBS Websocket, giving you control over OBS Studio. Start/stop streaming, switch scenes, modify source settings, control media, animate sources, toggle filters, and more.

Voice Control #

SAMMI Voice is a component that enables voice-activated control of SAMMI. Automate buttons with simple voice commands!

Extensions #

For even greater functionality, SAMMI Core supports community-created JavaScript extensions via SAMMI Bridge. These extensions allow you to interact with other apps and services, including:

  • Ko-Fi
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • LIFX
  • foobar
  • Discord
  • Heat Map Twitch extension
  • and more!

Explore the full list of SAMMI extensions in Extensions and on our Discord Server!