SAMMI has some very useful internal triggers.
For example, you can make your buttons automatically trigger every time you start SAMMI, when you press a specific hotkey or put them on a timer.

Add a new trigger #

You can attach a trigger by right clicking on a button - Add/Edit Twitch Triggers, clicking on the + sign and selecting one of the General Triggers. In your button commands, use Trigger Pull Data command to retrieve all the provided information from the event.

Trigger types #

Hotkey #

Trigger a button when you press a specified hotkey.
You can select a key and attach a modifier (or multiple modifier).

Condition Explanation  
Key Dropdown Key press to listen to
Ctrl (optional) Checkbox Whether you want to attach Ctrl modifier, for example press CTRL+K.
Alt (optional) Checkbox Whether you want to attach Alt modifier, i.e. press Alt+K.
Shift (optional) Checkbox Whether you want to attach Shift modifier, i.e. press Shift+K.

Repeat Interval #

Repeat interval allows you to continously trigger a button on a timer.
Repeat interval is started as soon as SAMMI starts up (or resets) and cannot be freely enabled or disabled with a command.
You can use Block Button/Group command to block a button on a timer from executing.

Condition Explanation  
Milliseconds Int How often to trigger the button.

SAMMI Trigger #

These triggers allows you to listen to SAMMI state and connection changes.

Condition Explanation  
Type Dropdown Select type of the trigger.
Trigger Name Event
SAMMI Startup SAMMI starts up.
SAMMI Shutdown Before SAMMI shut down. Does not work if SAMMI crashes.
SAMMI Deck Reload Decks are reloaded (when you press Save button)
SAMMI Reset You use the reset button.
SAMMI Crash Every time SAMMI crashes.
OBS Connected Every time SAMMI connects to OBS.
OBS Disconnected Every time SAMMI disconnects from OBS.
SAMMI Bridge Connected Every time SAMMI Bridge connects to SAMMI.
SAMMI Bridge Disconnected Every time SAMMI Bridge disconnects from SAMMI.
SAMMI Panel Connected Every time SAMMI Panel connects to SAMMI.
SAMMI Panel Disconnected Every time SAMMI Panel disconnects from SAMMI.
Deck Enabled/Disabled Triggers every time a deck is enabled/disabled.
Third Party Connected Third party application connects to SAMMI.
Third Party Disonnected Third party application disconnects from SAMMI.

Extension Trigger #

Extension triggers can come from Bridge extensions or from Trigger Extension Trigger command.