Mouse & Keyboard


Keyboard Simulate Press #

Simulates a keyboard button press. Might not work in games that have anti-cheat protection. Ensure that both SAMMI and the program you want to simulate the keyboard press in are run in Administrator mode.

Box Name Type Description
Button Dropdown Keyboard button to press
Ctrl/Alt/Shift Checkbox Whether you want to add any modifiers, i.e. press Ctrl + K
Hold Duration (ms) Number For how long to hold the button in milliseconds


Check Keyboard Button Status #

Checks if a specific button is currently pressed.

Box Name Type Description
Save Variable As String Variable to save the result into. 0 = not pressed, 1 = pressed
Button Dropdown Menu Keyboard button to check


Wait For Keyboard Button Status #

Pauses a button execution and waits until a specific button is pressed/unpressed to continue with the rest of the commands.

Box Name Type Description
Button Dropdown Which button to wait for
Press Checkbox Checked = wait until the button is pressed, Unchecked = wait until the button is not pressed
Timeout After (ms) Number How long to wait until resuming normal command flow in milliseconds


Mouse Simulate Click #

Simulates a mouse click. Might not work in games that have anti-cheat protection.

Box Name Type Description
Mouse Button Dropdown Which mouse button to click
Duration (ms) Number Duration of the click in milliseconds


Mouse Change Position #

Changes the position of your mouse according to your screen.
You can retrieve your current mouse coordinates by using permanent global variables:

  • global.mouse_x for mouse X position
  • global.mouse_y for mouse Y position
Box Name Type Description
Screen X position Number New X position for your mouse
Screen Y position Number New Y position for your mouse