Trigger methods


Trigger Pull Data #

Used in combination with any triggers you set up for the button.
For example, if you set up a button with a Twitch Subs trigger, you can use this command to get the subscriber’s name once the button is triggered.

Refer to our Triggers section to learn more about triggers and their pull values.

Box Name Type Description
Save Variable As String Variable name to save the pulled value into.
Pull Value Dropdown Value you wish to pull from the trigger. Input manually or select from dropdown. Leavy empty or all to pull the whole object.

If you select Trigger Type in the dropdown menu, you can check what kind of event triggered the button. It will return a different numerical value for each type.

There is an array that lists all Trigger Types in the Global Variables section of the Variable Viewer in SAMMI.

Numerical Value Trigger Type
0 Twitch Chat
1 Twitch Subscriber
2 Twitch Community Gift
3 Twitch Channel Points Redeem
4 Twitch Raid
5 Twitch Bits
6 Twitch Follower
7 Hotkey
8 Interval Trigger
9 OBS Trigger
10 SAMMI Trigger
11 Twitch Moderation
12 Extension Trigger
13 Twitch Whispers
14 Twitch Host
15 Twitch Prediction
16 Twitch Poll
17 Twitch Hype Train
18 Youtube Chat
19 Youtube Subscriber
20 Youtube Superchat
21 Youtube Supersticker
22 Youtube Member
23 SAMMI Deck Button Press
24 Trigger Button
25 Trigger Button with Delay
26 Webhook Trigger
27 Twitch Low Trust Users
28 Twitch Shoutout


Pull Wildcard #

Use this command with a button trigger to pull the wildcard value.

Box Name Type Description  
Save Variable As String Variable Name to store the pulled wildcard value under
Wildcard number Int Int This refers to which wildcard you wish to get.
0 = first wildcard, 1 = second wildcard, etc.


Trigger Extension Triggers #

This is the same command Bridge uses to send Extension triggers to SAMMI.
Extremely useful as you can pass parameters from one button to another button (especially if it’s an overlappable button with non persistent variables) and make it behave like a function in programming.

Box Name Type Description
Extension Trigger String The name of the extension trigger to send
Trigger Data Object Object Same payload as sending data from the Bridge. Populate the object with your desired parameters (simple values, arrays, other objects) you wish to be pulled in the receiving button.
Example of usage
Example of usage