SAMMI is a fully customizable Stream Deck that lets your Twitch and YouTube Live audience control and interact with your stream.

It is fully compatible with OBS Websocket which can remotely control your OBS Studio.

You can easily create buttons for the most basic things, such as automatic scene switching and custom alerts. However, once you get more familiar with the software, whole new possibilites will open up for you.

SAMMI Core itself works like a simple programming language. It has variables, operators, arrays, objects, string and number methods, If and Else statements, loops, async/await commands and much more.

Connection to Twitch #

SAMMI Core can listen to Twitch alerts and chat messages, send chat messages and fully control your Twitch stream via Twitch API.

Connection to YouTube Live #

SAMMI Core can listen to YouTube Live events and control your live stream! Find out more in Integrations - YouTube

Connection to OBS Studio #

SAMMI Core can directly connect to OBS Websocket to control your OBS Studio. You can start/stop streaming, switch scenes, change source settings, control media, animate your sources, toggle filters and much more.

Extensions #

If all of the above is not enough for your needs, SAMMI Core also supports community made JavaScript extensions through the SAMMI Bridge, which can greatly extend its functionality, such as controlling other apps and services directly from your stream.