Discord: Send Message #

Sends a new plain text message to a Discord channel.

Box Name Type Description
Chat Message String The message to be sent to the Discord channel.
Webhook URL String The webhook URL of the channel you want to post the message in.


Voice: Toggle Status #

Toggles the listening status of SAMMI Voice - starts listening if it wasn’t, stops listening if it was.


Mix It Up: Get All Commands #

Returns a specific or all available Mix It Up commands.
Fill out the Command Name box to return a specific command information (stored as an object), or leave it empty to return an array of all available Mix It Up commands.
Caution: If you have a large number of commands in Mix It Up, SAMMI might not be able to fetch them all. To work around this, navigate to http://localhost:8911/api/v2/commands?pageSize=500 in your browser, locate the command name, obtain its ID, and input it manually into Mix It Up: Run Command.

Box Name Type Description
Save Variable As String Variable name to save the result
Command Name String (optional) The specific Mix It Up command name (will return the first occurence), leave empty to return all


Mix It Up: Run Command #

Runs a specific Mix It Up command. Requires you to supply its ID which you can retrieve by using Mix It Up: Get All Commands command.

You can optionally pass arguments to the command, please refer to the Mix It Up Special Identifiers documentation.

Box Name Type Description
Command ID String Command ID of the Mix It Up command to run
Platform String The specific platform to run this command on (default = Twitch)
Arguments String (optional) Optional arguments to pass to the Mix It Up command