Chat and Messages


Send Chat Message #

Sends a message to your Twitch chat from your default account that is connected to SAMMI.
For whispers use Twitch: Send Whisper command.
For other chat slash commands use their corresponding SAMMI commands. Although many slash commands are still functional for backwards compatibility reasons, we highly recommend that you start using SAMMI commands instead.

Box Name Type Description
Chat Message String The message to be sent over the chat.
Channel Name String Channel Name (all lowercase) to send the message to. Leave blank unless you have multiple accounts connected to SAMMI.

See below which SAMMI command corresponds to which chat slash command.

Chat Slash Command SAMMI Command to use instead  
/announce Twitch: Send Announcement  
/ban Twitch: Ban User  
/unban Twitch: Unban User  
/timeout and /untimeout Twitch: Timeout User  
/clear Twitch: Delete Chat Message  
/color Twitch: Set User Color  
/commercial Twitch: Run Ad (Commercial)  
/delete Twitch: Delete Chat Message  
/emoteonly and /emoteonlyoff Twitch: Set Emote Mode  
/followers and /followersoff Twitch: Set Follower Mode  
/marker Twitch: Create Marker  
/mod Twitch: Add Moderator  
/mods Twitch: Get Moderators  
/unmod Twitch: Remove Moderator  
/raid Twitch: Start Raid  
/unraid Twitch: Cancel Raid  
/slow and /slowoff Twitch: Set Slow Mode  
/subscribers and /subscribersoff Twitch: Set Subscriber Mode  
/uniquechat and /uniquechatoff Twitch: API Call  
/vip Twitch: Add VIP  
/unvip Twitch: Remove VIP  
/vips Twitch: Get VIPs  
/w Twitch: Send Whisper  


Delete Chat Message #

Deletes a chat message.

Box Name Type Description
Login Name Dropdown Channel where the message needs to be deleted from. This must be linked in SAMMI.
Message ID String Retrieve this from a ‘Trigger Pull Data’ command. Leave blank to clear the whole chat.


Open Whispers #

This command will turn on Twitch whisper alerts (they are disabled by default).
All whispers will be received as Twitch Whisper triggers.

Box Name Type Description
Allow Checkbox Checked = enable, unchecked = disable


Send Whisper #

This command will send a whisper over the Twitch API. The whisper will be sent via the account that is connected to chat. This feature also has some limitations as imposed by Twitch, detailed here

Box Name Type Description
Chat Message String Message you want to send.
User Name String User who shall receive the message.


Join Channel #

This command lets you join any Twitch chat channel.
You do not need to use this command to join your own channel as long as it’s linked to SAMMI, as it will join the chat automatically as soon as you launch Bridge.

Box Name Type Description
Channel Name String Twitch channel name. Must be the login name, not display name.


Leave Channel #

This command lets you leave a Twitch chat channel you previously joined.
Can be your own channel as well.

Box Name Type Description
Channel Name String Twitch channel name. Must be the login name, not display name.


Send Announcement #

Sends a chat message in the ‘Announcement’ format.

Box Name Type Description
Announcement String Your announcement message.
Channel Name String Channel for the announcement to be made in. Leave blank for default.


Shoutout User #

Shouts out a user in the specified chat room.
A shoutout can only be sent once every 2 minutes, and the same user cannot be shouted out more than once an hour. You must be live with at least 1 viewer, and you cannot shoutout the broadcaster in their chat room.

Box Name Type Description
Channel String The channel to shoutout the specified user in
User Name String The username of the person to be shouted out