Recording Outputs


Recording Outputs #

When troubleshooting problems, especially via the Discord server, you may be asked to record an output from SAMMI.
To do so, you need to close SAMMI if it’s open, head to your main SAMMI folder, open Settings.ini, and add one of the following to the [settings] section (not the [last_crash_data] section):


After saving the settings.ini file, and relaunching SAMMI, a new text file will be created in your main SAMMI folder, named record_(something).txt (depending on what setting you added).

Record PubSub #

The PubSub system allows Twitch to broadcast realtime messages to SAMMI (as well as other services, like StreamElements). Think of it like a radio station broadcast, and SAMMI is a radio that’s tuned in to that frequency - it gets news, weather, and songs from the station. SAMMI then relays those to you in the form of triggers, such as Twitch Chat, New Follower, etc.
Enabling this records that information to record_pubsub.txt

Record EventSub #

EventSub listens to follower alerts with future plans to fully replace PubSub.
Enabling record_eventsub will save all EventSub messages to record_eventsub.txt

Record Bridge #

The Bridge sends information to SAMMI from both extensions and the Test Triggers tabs.
Enabling this records that information to record_bridge.txt

Record Twitch Chat #

Not only does this include all chat messages sent in your Twitch chat (except messages sent by the main account linked in SAMMI), it also includes extra information, such as raid and host info (at least until they remove them… RIP hosts).
Enabling this records that information to record_twitchchat.txt

Record HTTP #

This logs all HTTP Requests send from SAMMI, and the response.
Enabling this records that information to record_http.txt

Record OBS #

This includes all websocket traffic between OBS and SAMMI.
Enabling this records that information to record_obs.txt