Migrating from LB2

Updating SAMMI (either from LioranBoard 2, LioranBoard 2 CE, or SAMMI) #

Temporarily, the only way to update to the latest version of SAMMI is to visit our itch.io page and download the files for free from there. There’s a SAMMI Updater.exe file that you can open, select your LB/SAMMI exe file, and let the updater do all the work for you - it might take longer than it used to, but this is just a temporary measure.

SAMMI Bridge #

The LioranBoard Transmitter is now called the SAMMI Bridge. When you update to SAMMI, a folder called bridge would have been created in your main folder. Your installed extensions should have automatically been re-installed onto the bridge.html file found in that folder.

The Bridge will need to be open either in an OBS dock or your browser for some extensions to work.

If you use an OBS dock for your Transmitter, you will have to replace that Transmitter with the URL for the bridge.html file instead. If this step is not done, you will get ‘Transmiter is not supported’ errors.

SAMMI Deck #

Functionality of the SAMMI Deck remains exactly the same as the Stream Deck. The update for the Deck will update your taskbar icon.

New Twitch Token #

When updating to SAMMI, the program uses a new Twitch Token to handle all Twitch integrations. This means that once you update to SAMMI you will need to revoke your existing Twitch credentials and relink them to Twitch.

To do this, follow the instructions here.

New Channel Point Reward IDs #

Updating to SAMMI and the new Twitch Token means that SAMMI no longer ‘owns’ the channel point rewards that were previously created by LioranBoard. This means that your buttons that edit or modify channel point rewards will no longer work. In order for SAMMI to regain ownership of these rewards and for your buttons to work again, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Twitch Connections section of SAMMI and select ‘Edit’ next to Channel Points.
  2. At the bottom of Channel Points list, make sure you tick ‘Change Reward ID in commands’.
  3. You will notice that your Channel Points are no longer owned by SAMMI. Click ‘Dupe’ next to the individual Channel Point Rewards to create a duplicate of your rewards that are owned by SAMMI. The new rewards will be named ‘channelpointnameCOPY’ and will now be owned by SAMMI.
  4. You can dupe as many rewards as you want at the same time, provided you are under the 50 rewards limit imposed by Twitch.
  5. Once you have duped all the rewards you want, hit ‘Done’, and ‘Done’ again in the next screen. A pop-up will appear to remind you about changing the reward IDs in your commands. Select ‘Yes’.
  6. SAMMI will now have changed all your old reward IDs to new reward IDs automatically. Your buttons will work again, but in order to make sure your triggers remain working, remember to rename your ‘channelpointnameCOPY’ to ‘channelpointname’ as the triggers only work if the reward names are exactly the same.
YouTube Integration #

Due to YouTube only allowing one app to be connected via one credential, the rebranding from LioranBoard 2 CE to SAMMI means that only SAMMI will be able to be integrated with YouTube.

There will no longer be any YouTube integration to any other app (LioranBoard 2 or LioranBoard 2 CE). If you want to continue to stream on YouTube you will have to update to SAMMI.

Deleting LioranBoard Files and Folders #

Ensure all your SAMMI components (Core, Bridge and Deck) are updated to the latest versions and are functioning properly before deleting any old LioranBoard 2 files. Make sure all your extensions that were installed in your transmitter.html have been successfully transferred to the bridge.html and are working as expected.

Once you have made sure they are all in working order, you can delete the following files and folders:

  • Stream Deck folder
  • transmitter folder
  • Lioranboard 2.0.exe